What Is Included With ParkNBlend Number Parking for $12.99/month?

  • Save Up To 90% Each Month.
  • No Contracts. No Cancellation Fees.
  • Taxes, Fees and Usage Included.
  • No Equipment or Software to Install.
  • Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use.

The Benefits of ParkNBlend.

  • Reduce the monthly price of phone numbers you rarely use. Park phone numbers you rarely use with ParkNBlend and forward the incoming calls to another phone or direct them to voicemail. With taxes, fees and usage included, you will never pay more than $12.99/mo!
  • Park the numbers you can't port to other providers. Can't port your number to netTALK,Google Voice or another provider? Park the number with ParkNBlend and forward your calls to your new number.
  • Bring your phone number with you if you move. Can't bring your phone number with you to your new residence? Then park the phone number so your contacts can still reach you. You can set up calls to forward to your new number or direct them to a personalized voice recording. Either way, you won't lose touch with your personal contacts.
  • Reduce the cost of having multiple phone numbers. If the cost of maintain multiple phone lines is becoming too much, park those numbers and save up to 90% per line, each month. You will never miss a call and your contacts will have no idea they are calling a parked number.
  • Keep your cell phone exclusively for personal contacts. Park your other number and use it when you fill out sales forms, surveys, raffles, etc. People will still be able to contact you, they just won't have your direct contact number unless you want them to.
  • Don't pay for phone service if you are leaving the country for an extended period. Even the most basic plans offered by most phone service providers are expensive. If you won't be using your number for a while, park it with ParkNBlend and we will keep it for you until you return. You can set up voicemail and check your messages from any computer while you are away. You can also port your number back to a regular service provider at any time.

Number Parking Plan Details!

Why pay for phone service you don't use, when you can get everything you need from ParkNBlend for a fraction of the price? ParkNBlend can save you up to 90% on your monthly phone bill by allowing you to park and forward your phone numbers. With ParkNBlend you have access to free service features that other companies don't offer including voicemail notification via email, text message and instant messenger, along with call blocking. You are also able to manage your account in real time, from any computer, with no limit on the number of changes you can make. ParkNBlend is offered at an everyday, all included low price of $12.99/mo. No hidden fees or surprises, just a much better alternative to your current phone line.